functions in dawson.i - a


    any_in(left,x,right, mask, xx, a,aa, b,bb, c,cc  

return the number of elements of the array X which are in the  
interval LEFT < X <= RIGHT.  Also return MASK, which has the  
shape of X and is 1 where X is in the interval and 0 otherwise,  
and XX = X(where(MASK)).  Up to three optional arrays A, B, and C  
of the same shape as X may be supplied; the arrays AA, BB, and CC  
analogous to XX are returned.  LEFT or RIGHT may be [] for the  
interval to extend to infinity on the corresponding side.  
LEFT and/or RIGHT may be arrays as long as they are conformable  
with X.  
 Interpreted function, defined at i/dawson.i   line 129  

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