functions in fits.i - F


    FitsHeader - a Yorick structure  defined to store (part of) FITS  

header information.  The structure has the following members:  
bitpix   - bits-per-pixel:  8  pixel values are unsigned bytes  
                           16  pixel values are signed 2-byte integers  
                           32  pixel values are signed 4-byte integers  
                          -32  pixel values are 4-byte floating points  
                          -64  pixel values are 8-byte floating points  
naxis    - number of axis  
axis(k)  - number of pixel along k-th axis  
bscale   - pixelValue = BZERO+BSCALE*fileValue  
bzero    - pixelValue = BZERO+BSCALE*fileValue  
bunit    - brightness unit  
datamax  - maximum data value in the file  
datamin  - minimum data value in the file  
object   - image name  
date     - date of file creation (dd/mm/yy)  
date_obs - date of data acquisition (dd/mm/yy)  
origin   - institution  
instrume - data acquisition instrument  
telescop - data acquisition telescope  
observer - observer name/identification  
history  - newline separated history lines  
comment  - newline separated comment lines  
epoch    - epoch of coordinate system (year)  
crval(k) - coord = CRVAL+(pixel-CRPIX)*CDELT  
crpix(k) - coord = CRVAL+(pixel-CRPIX)*CDELT  
cdelt(k) - coord = CRVAL+(pixel-CRPIX)*CDELT  
ctype(k) - type of physical coordinate  
crota(k) - rotation angle of axis No. #  
Keyword,  defined at i/fits.i   line 3450  

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