functions in graph.i - x


    xytitles, xtitle, ytitle  

  -or- xytitles, xtitle, ytitle, [deltax,deltay]  
Plot XTITLE horizontally under the viewport and YTITLE vertically  
to the left of the viewport.  If the tick numbers interfere with  
the labels, you can specify the [DELTAX,DELTAY] in NDC units to  
displace the labels.  (Especially for the y title, the adjustment  
may depend on how many digits the numbers on your scale actually  
have.)  Note that DELTAX moves YTITLE and DELTAY moves XTITLE.  
WARNING: There is no easy way to ensure that this type of title  
         will not interfere with the tick numbering.  Interference  
         may make the numbers or the title or both illegible.  
Interpreted function, defined at i0/graph.i   line 738  

SEE ALSO: plt,   pltitle