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native_align, native_fix, native_flt, native_flim, native_dlim  
  describe the binary formats of the native primitive numeric types  
as_chars(x)      -- gets/sets bits of x as char array  
ieee_test(x)     -- tests for ieee754 special values  
ieee_set(x,what) -- sets ieee754 special values  
Keyword,  defined at i/ieee.i   line 6  



    ieee_set, x, what  

  set X to ieee754 special value WHAT  
  X must be an array of float or double values  
    (note that X cannot be a scalar double value)  
  WHAT = 0  means leave unchanged  
  WHAT = 1  means set to Inf  
  WHAT = 2  means set to qNaN  
  WHAT = 3  means set to sNaN  
  WHAT = 4  means set to 0.0  
    negate WHAT to set the sign bit of X as well  
  WHAT may be an array conformable with X, in order to set only  
  some values of X  
  this routine is a no-op if this machine is not known to  
  support these ieee754 special values  
Warning-- apparently there is no universal standard for what  
  constitutes signalling versus quiet NaN  
  on MIPS and HPPA architectures, qNaN and sNaN are reversed  
  Interpreted function, defined at i/ieee.i   line 408  

SEE ALSO: ieee_test,   as_chars