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    mpeg_close, mpeg  

Close the mpeg file corresponding to the MPEG encoder.  Actually,  
this merely destroys the reference to the encoder; the file will  
remain open until the final reference is destroyed.  
   Interpreted function, defined at i0/mpeg.i   line 45  

SEE ALSO: mpeg_create,   mpeg_write,   mpeg_movie  


    mpeg = mpeg_create(filename)  
 or mpeg = mpeg_create(filename, params)  

Create an mpeg-1 movie file FILENAME.  Write frames with mpeg_write,  
close with mpeg_close.  The return value is an mpeg encoder object.  
If given, PARAMS is [bit_rate, frame_rate, gop_size, max_b_frames]  
   which default to [ 400000,      25,       10,         1       ]  
The rates are per second, the gop_size is the number of frames  
before an I-frame is emitted, and max_b_frames is the largest  
number of consecutive B-frames.  (The third kind of frame is the  
P-frame; generally, the encoder emits B-frames until it is forced  
to emit a P-frame by max_b_frames, or an I-frame by gop_size.  The  
smaller these numbers, the higher quality the movie, but the lower  
the compression.)  Any of the four PARAMS values may be zero to  
get the default value, except for max_b_frames, which should be <0  
to get the default value.  
   Builtin function, documented at i0/mpeg.i   line 9  

SEE ALSO: mpeg_write,   mpeg_close,   mpeg_movie  


    mpeg_movie, filename, draw_frame  
 or mpeg_movie, filename, draw_frame, time_limit  
 or mpeg_movie, filename, draw_frame, time_limit, min_interframe  

An extension of the movie function (#include "movie.i") that generates  
an mpeg file FILENAME.  The other arguments are the same as the movie  
function (which see).  The draw_frame function is:  
  func draw_frame(i)  
    // Input argument i is the frame number.  
    // draw_frame should return non-zero if there are more  
    // frames in this movie.  A zero return will stop the  
    // movie.  
    // draw_frame must NOT include any fma command if the  
    // making_movie variable is set (movie sets this variable  
    // before calling draw_frame)  
   Interpreted function, defined at i0/mpeg.i   line 58  

SEE ALSO: movie,   mpeg_create,   mpeg_write,   mpeg_close  


    mpeg_write, mpeg, rgb  

Write a frame RGB into the mpeg file corresponding to the MPEG  
encoder returned by mpeg_create. RGB is a 3-by-width-by-height  
array of char.  Every frame must have the same width and height.  
To finish the movie and close the file, call mpeg_close.  
Note that you may have trouble rendering the resulting mpeg  
file if the image width and height are note multiples of 8.  
   Builtin function, documented at i0/mpeg.i   line 31  

SEE ALSO: mpeg_create,   mpeg_close,   mpeg_movie