functions in random.i - b


    build_dimlist, dimlist, next_argument  

build a DIMLIST, as used in the array function.  Use like this:  
func your_function(arg1, arg2, etc, dimlist, ..)  
  while (more_args()) build_dimlist, dimlist, next_arg();  
After this, DIMLIST will be an array of the form  
[#dims, dim1, dim2, ...], compounded from the multiple arguments  
in the same way as the array function.  If no DIMLIST arguments  
given, DIMLIST will be [] instead of [0], which will act the  
same in most situations.  If that possibility is unacceptible,  
you may add  
  if (is_void(dimlist)) dimlist= [0];  
after the while loop.  
Interpreted function, defined at i/random.i   line 39