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Are there worked examples of writing netcdf data ? 
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Post Are there worked examples of writing netcdf data ?

Are there worked examples of writing netcdf data ?
I've googled and looked through the code but can't find any.

I need to write a 3D data array out and visualize it in a 3rd party renderer like paraview,
so if there were another useful format I'd be open to that as well.


more poking around suggests that HDF5 might be a useful format for my application.
I'll try to get that up as well.

Mon Apr 09, 2012 2:55 am
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Post Re: Are there worked examples of writing netcdf data ?
> require,"netcdf.i"
> help,nc_open
/* DOCUMENT f= nc_open(filename, mode)
      opens a netCDF file FILENAME for reading or update as specified
      by MODE, which defaults to "rb".  Attributes and dimension names
      can be found in the three external variables nc_dims (an array of
      type NC_dim), nc_attrs (an array of type NC_attr), and nc_vars
      (an array of type NC_var) after this call.
      MODE should be either "rb" or "r+b"; nothing else makes sense.
      If FILENAME is an array of strings, exactly those files will be
      opened as a family (if possible).  Note that nc_open("myfile00")
      potentially opens myfile01, myfile02, and so on, as for openb,
      but that nc_open(["myfile00"]) opens myfile00 only.
    SEE ALSO: nc_create, nc_enddef, nc_attribute, nc_dimsof
defined at:  LINE: 37  FILE: /usr/lib/yorick/i/netcdf.i
> help,nc_create
/* DOCUMENT ncf= nc_create(filename)
      creates a netCDF file FILENAME.
      After this call, use nc_vardef to declare the netCDF variables.
      Then use nc_enddef to write the netCDF self-descriptive
      information.  Only after this are you free to actually write data.

    SEE ALSO: nc_open, nc_vardef, nc_attrdef, nc_enddef, nc_addrec,
              nc_attribute, nc_dimsof
defined at:  LINE: 241  FILE: /usr/lib/yorick/i/netcdf.i
> help,nc_vardef
/* DOCUMENT nc_vardef, ncf, name, type, dims, record=0/1
        -or- nc_vardef, ncf, name, type, record=0/1
        -or- nc_vardef, ncf, name, template=template, record=0/1
      define a variable in the NCF (returned by nc_create) with name
      NAME, type TYPE (as returned by typeof or structof), and dimensions
      DIMS (as returned by dimsof).  The template= keyword may be used
      instead of type and dims; the type and dims will be those of the
      TEMPLATE.  If dims is not specified, a scalar is assumed.  If the
      record= keyword is present and non-zero, the variable is a record
      variable; otherwise it is a non-record variable.

      You can use the dimnames= keyword to write specific dimension
      names into the netCDF file.  These are not useful to Yorick, but
      other codes may require them.  If two variables share a dimension
      name, the corresponding dimension must have the same length.  For
        nc_vardef, ncf, "theta", double, [1,nlat], dimnames=["latitude"]
        nc_vardef, ncf, "phi", double, [1,nlong], dimnames=["longitude"]
        nc_vardef, ncf, "elevation", double,
      A dimension name of "" lets Yorick invent a fake dimension name,
      as it does by default.  If dimnames= is present and the lengths
      of the dimensions have previously been defined, then the DIMS
      parameter is unnecessary, as in the "elevation" array in the example.
      You can use the nc_dimdef function to define a named dimension size
      before you define any variables with that dimension.

    SEE ALSO: nc_create, nc_attrdef, nc_enddef, nc_addrec, nc_dimdef
defined at:  LINE: 255  FILE: /usr/lib/yorick/i/netcdf.i
> help,nc_enddef
/* DOCUMENT f= nc_enddef(ncf)
      creates netCDF file NCF (returned by nc_create), and writes the self-
      descriptive information.  Returns the ordinary Yorick file object
      corresponding to the new file.  You are then free to write variables,
      or use the save or nc_addrec functions.

    SEE ALSO: nc_create, nc_addrec, nc_open, nc_attrdef, nc_dimsof
defined at:  LINE: 427  FILE: /usr/lib/yorick/i/netcdf.i
> x=span(0,1,3)+span(0,1,4)(-,)+span(0,1,5)(-,-,)
> info,x
> f=nc_create("~/")
> nc_vardef,f,"x",structof(x),dimsof(x)
> f=nc_enddef(f)
> save,f,x
> close,f
> f=nc_open("~/")
> show,f
1 non-record variables:
> info,f.x
> anyof(x!=f.x)

Tue Apr 10, 2012 7:16 pm

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Post Re: Are there worked examples of writing netcdf data ?
that example worked fine.
Thank you.

Thu Apr 12, 2012 9:24 am
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