Yorick Plugins

As of yorick-1.6, Yorick has the capabilities to load packages that include dynamic libraries (plugins). This has several big advantages:

Available Plugins

Unless stated otherwise, the following plugins are for use with yorick-1.6.02. Yorick-1.6.01 was a beta version and the plugin interface has changed slightly with 1.6.02 (you were warned).


David's plugin that includes IO to jpeg and png files, access to the compression library zlib and output to mpeg1. This new version (1.1) appeared with yorick-1.6.02 (Feb 2005)

imutil, v0.2

SOY: Sparse Operations with Yorick

yao: Adaptive Optics simulation plugin, v3.4

hdf5, v0.2

ycatools, v0.1

yezca, v0.1

This plugin has been superseeded by ycatools